...a natural, clean label solution

Citri-Fi® is a unique all natural Citrus Fibre produced from Orange Pulp or peel without the use of any chemical processing aids.

The patented process gives an holistic structure that can bind and hold both water and fat to improve your product and reduce your costs.

Best Natural/Organic Winner 2015 Best Natural/Organic Winner 2015, Europe Innovation Awards
Natural/Organic Winner 2015, Europe Innovation Awards
Most Innovative Food Ingredient Silver Award Most Innovative Food Ingredient Silver Award, FI Europe 2007
Citri-fi citrus fibre

Key functional properties

  1. Natural Emulsification
  2. Strong Water Binding
  3. Gel formation from the natural Pectin content
    in fruit preparations given required Brix and pH

Citri-Fi® is used across a wide range of food Products and processes to give Natural allergen-free functionality and enhancement.

Clean Label

Declare as 'Citrus Fibre', 'Orange Fibre' or 'Dried Orange Pulp' ('Citri-Fi® 100' grades only)

Popular applications for Citri-Fi® Citrus Fibre



Fat reduction in pastry and cake, shelf life extension by aw control. Texture and moisture management in Gluten Free Bread and Cake.



Reduced fat meatballs and other processed meat products. Phosphate free brine injection and tumbling. Stabilisation of marinades with or without oil. Gluten free binding systems for raw comminuted meat products like burgers and sausage to bind water and fat during shelf life and cooking. Creates stable fat or oil emulsions for adding to meat products.

Fruit preparations

Fruit Preparations

Pectin replacement can be achieved by utilising Citri-fi's ability to form a gel at < 50°Bx and pH > 2.8 to 3.5. The higher the sugar content the higher the pH that can be used for gel formation.

Egg replacement

Egg Replacement

We can offer you clean declaration egg replacement solutions baked goods at up to 20% whole liquid egg replacement. With the use of other grades co-produced with gums we can offer you even higher replacement levels.

Drinks and beverages


Viscosity, stabilisation, added fibre, mouthfeel improvement, ease of hydration. Declare as Dried Orange pulp. Natural cloudifier (traditional lemonade). Reduces separation in smoothies. Carrageenan replacement (with Gellan gum).

Sauces and condiments

Sauces and Condiments

Modified starch replacement with superior mouthfeel. Freeze thaw, shear and acid stable. Emulsifies and thickens without heating. Tomato paste extension retaining colour and flavour with CF125fg. Fat reduction and stabilisation in mayonnaise.



Reduction in oil pick up in deep fried products such as coated chicken and doughnuts.



Clean label emulsification and stabilisation in dairy spreads, cheese dips and yogurt drinks. Fat reduction in cream, butter, ice cream and spreads. Reduces ice crystal formation and melt time in ice cream, stabiliser blend replacement.



Plating of oils (up to 25% loading still free flowing) to make water dispersible, emulsification in spray drying solutions.

Fruit bars

Fruit Bars

Provides cost effective binding and moisture control for shelf life and optimum eating quality.

Learn more about this highly functional natural fiber

What is Citri-fi?

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The multiple binding mechanisms of Citri-Fi®

Soluble Fiber

Attracts water, adheres and provides viscosity.

Soluble fiber

Insoluble Fiber

Provides a structure to hold the water indefinitely.

Insoluble fiber structure
Insoluble Fiber Structure
Fiber structure holding water
Fiber Structure Holding Water


Provides fat and oil binding to stabilise emulsions.


Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Citri-Fi® is an important ingredient in all sectors of the food industry to help give clean declaration additive free healthy food products.

Citri-fi structure diagram

Citri-Fi® in the News

Fiberstar, Inc. Launches a Natural Plant Fiber to Improve Tomato-based Food Product Quality and Labeling

August 2017

Citrus, An All Natural Fibre Solution.

July 2017

Fiberstar Introduces Natural, Clean Label Citri-Fi® to Reduce Phosphate and Sodium in Meat and Poultry Products.

January 2016

The FIEurope Innovation Award highlights that Citri-Fi® 100, a natural citrus fiber with intact pectin, can replace or extend added pectin in fruit-based food products.

December 2015

Fiberstar has introduced the Citri-Fi 100 Series, a new clean-label pectin extender/replacement for fruit preparations for a variety of applications.

September 2015

USA digital food ingredient site 'Food Ingredients 1st' reports on the effect of H5N2 virus sweeping across the USA and how the subsequent egg shortage is giving Fiberstar's Citri-fi fibre opportunities to replace eggs for processors and control their costs.

March 2015

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